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TEF Canada Exam Sessions | Rates | Registration Dates 2024

Below are the TEF Canada exam session for 2024 along with the registration dates.

The fees for the E-TEF Canada exam are 24,780/- INR (inclusive of 18% GST)

Kindly note that the tariffs are subject to revision.

Registration dates are subject to availability of seats. Seats are limited and are on a first come first serve basis.

Sessions Exam Date Registration period
TEF JANUARY 24-Jan 17/12/23 to 07/01/2024
TEF FEBRUARY 21-Feb 08/01/24 to 05/02/2024
TEF MARCH 20-Mar 06/02/24 to 03/03/2024
TEF APRIL 24-Apr 08/03/24 to 07/04/2024
TEF MAY 22-May 08/04/24 to 05/05/2024
TEF JUNE 19-Jun 06/05/24 to 02/06/2024
TEF JULY 24-Jul 03/06/24 to 07/07/2024
TEF AUGUST 21-Aug 08/07/24 to 04/08/2024
TEF SEPTEMBER 25-Sep 05/08/24 to 08/09/2024
TEF OCTOBER 23-Oct 09/09/24 to 06/10/2024
TEF NOVEMBER 20-Nov 07/10/24 to 03/11/2024
TEF DECEMBER 18-Dec 04/11/24 to 01/12/2024

Click here to know more about the Registration procedure + Rules & Regulations.

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