IF Cinéma à la carte

Watch 2 French language films online with English subtitles in the month of January 2022 on IF Cinéma à la carte  presented by Institut Français  Theme : (Re)building together with an aim to celebrate ‘Nuit des idées’ taking place worldwide on 27th Jan. 2022. 1. De toutes mes forces by Chad Chenouga. 2. Tout ce qu’il me reste de la ... Read More »

IF Cinéma à la carte

Discover a selection of films every month online via IF Cinéma à la carte presented by Institut Français.   In the month of February, watch two César award winning french films with English subtitles for free. Open to all.   1. Petit Paysan: A French drama directed by Hubert Charuel, 2017. Pierre, a thirty-five-year-old dairy farmer, has taken over his parents’farm and ... Read More »

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