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  • Place for study Limited seats are available to work and study at the library.
  • Borrowing: Library members may borrow any 2 books for 3  weeks. Certain books are only for reference and consultation within the library.
  • Access to computers, free internet access and audiovisual contents (TV5 Monde, France 24).
  • Access to Culturetheque: On this online platform, library members will discover the French & Francophone culture with various magazines, newspapers, audio books, podcasts, music, short animation films, classical and contemporary French novels, comics and easy to read French books. Members can borrow up to 5 novels and 15 magazines for 30 days. In all the other sections, they can read and watch unlimited online books and videos.
  • Library Activities Our French Library regularly organizes games, workshops and several other events to enable its members to discover more and more of the French language and culture.




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