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Overview of France Alumni

Every year, 100,000 foreign students graduate in the French education system. After their higher education studies, France Alumni informs them and allows them to stay networked and to value their stay in France in a professional context.

An ambitious project

France Alumni has been created at the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development by Campus France to be an efficient digital multilingual platform to unite, inform and guide foreign students who studied in French higher education.

Uniting women and men

France Alumni gives a highly reliable tool to foreign students. Its interactive directory allows to join the network and contact other alumni. The website offers discussion spaces and theme groups that will allow each member to stay close to their centres of interest.

Boost information and knowledge

In order to offer the right information at the right time, resources related to education courses in France, sections dedicated to major French companies, job offers and themed newsletters are updated on a regular basis.

The website also informs about French business, economic and cultural life in its magazine section, and about the most interesting events for alumni.

France Alumni is a dedicated platform for former foreign students who wish to value their experience by registering in a broad French network.

France Alumni: 5 good reasons to join

France Alumni is made of women and men that are united by a same common ground: France. It’s a network of former students and professionals, who use available tools to transfer information, share and improve. 

– An indispensable directory to guide you through the network of alumni

The France Alumni directory is interactive and allows you to make precise multicriteria searches. You may contact former students or users from various countries using common centres of interest. You supervise your data and your profile can be partly privatised.

– Theme groups to create links

Create theme groups, invite your contacts or the alumni interested by the topic: it’s a way to create or maintain links, to discuss general or specific topics, or find out new professional opportunities.

– Full services to boost your career

The France Alumni identifies and offers targeted training and job offers depending on your degrees and needs, in France and abroad. You’ll also find advice on careers and stories from alumni who found leverage of professional success during their French experience.

– High-profile partnerships to multiply opportunities

The France Alumni offers dedicated sections to targeted higher education institutions, companies and partners to continuously keep you informed on their activity. It’s the best way not to miss any opportunity.

– A magazine section to stay connected to France

Artists, writers, musicians, actors… many alumni have become indispensable to French culture. Discover who they are in the magazine section of the France Alumni while keeping up with cultural news from the country. Don’t hesitate to read the gastronomy or tourist tours section to prepare your next stay in Paris or France!

So if you have made your studies in France or if you are a higher education institution or company hosting international students, join France Alumni!!!

>>> http:// www.francealumni.fr/en

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