February 8, 2021

IFCinéma à la carte

IFCinéma à la carte is back! A selection of four French-language films will be available for streaming on IFCinéma à la carte from 8th February to 8th March. The films will be subtitled in English and will share the common theme 'Women' on the occasion of International Women's Day. Film Catalogue - February 2021 Angèle et Tony by Alix Delaporte Le Beau Monde by Julie Lopes Curval La Cour de Babel by Julie Bertuccelli Tout est pardonné by Julie Hansen-LøveIFCinéma à la carte

March 10, 2021

IFCinéma à la carte - Francophonie!

Catch a new selection of French films every month only on IFCinéma à la carte! The theme for this month's catalogue is 'Francophonie', on the occasion of the month of Francophonie celebrated every year in March. The following films will be available for streaming on IFcinéma à la carte from the 10th of March to the 10th of April. Corniche Kennedy by Dominique Cabrera Lulu femme nue by Solveig Anspach, Les Malheurs de Sophie by Christophe Honoré Caméra d’Afrique by Férid Boughedir All films are subtitled in English. No registration Read More...IFCinéma à la carte - Francophonie!

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