DELF/DALF TIMETABLE (written & oral)

March 2021

Delf Dalf Tout Public Written and Oral timetables

A1 Written & Oral Timetable

A2 Wriiten & Oral Timetable

B1 Written & Oral Time Table

B2 Written & Oral Time Table

C1 Written & Oral Time Table





  1. Only candidates will be allowed inside the campus, there will be no waiting areas for attendants or persons accompanying them.
  2. Candidates shall wear masks at all times and carry an extra mask as back-up. Masks must be worn properly and cover the mouth and nose at all times. Candidates may come with face shields, gloves and their own hand sanitizer.
  3. Candidates shall carry their own drinking water and stationery. Sharing of personal belongings/stationery or water bottles shall not be allowed. No eating is allowed within the campus.
  4. Candidates shall follow strict social distancing measures at the examination venue.
  5. We strongly recommend that candidates travel light and do not bring any unnecessary items to the examination centre. Items such as cellphones, bags, valuables etc. are not allowed inside the examination hall. Alliance Française de Pune will not be responsible for guarding these items at the venue. Furthermore, the Alliance Française de Pune will not be held accountable in case of any theft, damage, or loss of such items.
  6. Candidates shall regularly wash their hands with sanitizer.
  7. Candidates must leave the examination hall and premises in an orderly fashion after the exams.  No loitering in the Kalachhaya Cultural Center will be permitted.
  8. Spitting is strictly prohibited.
  9. Used tissues and facemasks should be disposed of in dedicated dustbins.
  10. In case of any sickness during the examination, candidates should immediately inform the invigilators. An isolation room will be kept ready and further action will be taken on the advice of health authorities and the Alliance française de Pune’s Management.
  11. Healthcheck: On the day of the exam, temperature of all candidates/staff will be monitored before entering the premises. Alliance française de Pune reserves the right to refuse access to any student/staff member with a fever or COVID-19 symptoms.
  12. All candidates will have to sign a  self-declaration about their health status before entering the premises.


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