Ensemble IF


at Mazda Hall, Pune Music Society

Music concert
7.00 PM – 8.30 PM

Ensemble IF represents the coming together of an acoustic world music trio and a visual artist. The group creates a blend of warm, engaging music and captivating visual imagery. It is the fruit of today globalized world with imprints and influences from India, Finland, France, Argentina and Canada. The group derives its inspiration from this very cultural diversity creating music which is not only steeped in the traditions of classical and jazz music but which also integrates the latest in digital arts. The group composes, improvises and plays its own music, images and scenography. Created in Brussels in 2010, Ensemble IF is currently in the process of recording its first album.

The music concert would be combined with a scenographic structure made up of moving fabric on which would be projected a mix of video images and a play of light. The show provides a captivating amalgamation of music, images, light and great improviser musician exchange. This show, a blend of digital arts and scenic forms, is a reflection of the contemporary creative scene of Europe.

The group consists of four talented artists: Finnish Otso Lähdeoja (guitar, compositions), the electronic music specialist of the band; Florian Guibert (Flute), whose inspiration comes from many places like Australia, South America and India; Mauro Sarachian (violoncello), who have diversified his artistic expression from classical music to contemporary experimental music to tango, folk and music for films and Alexandre Berthier (scenography, projections), whose specialty in visual art has taken him to every part of the world in collaboration with artist Karl-Otto von Oertzen under the name ofMarswalkers.

Ensemble IF will perform on 15th April from 7.00 PM to 8.30 PM at Mazda Hall, Pune Music Society. Free entrance.

The idea behind the project is to create and exchange dynamics between the group and the local Indian culture, in order to showcase elements of both western and Indian cultures. In this perspective, a part of the video imagery will be shot in India and the scenographic structure would be created with the help of local artisans.


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Photos & Press articles of the event here.

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