Ciné-concert: Le mécano de la générale – Radiomentale


at Main Theatre, FTII

Silent movie accompanied by a DJ
Main Theatre, FTII – Monday, 24th June 2013 – 6.30pm

This 24th of June, Alliance Française Pune is glad to announce the projection of silent movie “Le mécano de la générale” (USA, 1927, 97’), an imaginative masterpiece of dead-pan “Stone-Face” Buster Keaton comedy, generally regarded as one of the greatest of all silent comedies (and Keaton’s own favorite) – and undoubtedly the best train film ever made. The movie will be accompanied by a Radiomentale performance, which is a live mix drawing on an eclectic range of audio sources, including movie soundtracks, ambient, experimental & electronic music, natural sounds, dialogues, artist soundworks…

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