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Message from our new director – Amélie Weigel


Hi there!

I’m Amélie and I am starting my assignment as the director of Alliance Française de Pune during the auspicious time of Ganesh Chaturthi! This is bound to bring me good luck on this new journey.

I am delighted to join the network for Indo-French cooperation in India. With the help of the committee and the team at Alliance Française de Pune, I hope to contribute to the educational, cultural, economic, and interpersonal exchanges between Pune and France.

It is precisely these exchanges between different sensitivities and cultures that have driven my career. After studying Anthropology, I worked at the Maison des Cultures du Monde in Paris. I have also directed an Arts Center in Paris and more recently, coordinated a network of establishments focused on social welfare.

But it is in India where I have had my most memorable experiences! Twenty years ago, I did my first internship in this country. It led me to take up the position of director at AF Trivandrum where I developed numerous Indo-French partnerships within the state of Kerala. On a more personal note, India is very special to me as it is the country of my husband, and where our two children were born.

Well, here I am ready to take up all the challenges that come with living in a post-COVID world! I believe that culture thrives only in face-to-face conversation, expression, stolen gazes and laughter!

The doors to our French classes and French media library remain wide open to everyone. I look forward to meeting you very soon – either at the Alliance Française or at our next cultural event! You can stay tuned on social media for details on upcoming language courses and cultural events.


Amélie Weigel


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