DSK Supinfocom – Annual Exhibition


at Balgandharva, near Sambhaji Park

Student’s Annual Exhibition
DSK Supinfocom is a creative education institution located in Pune, providing artistic, creative and technology driven curriculum in Animation, Video Games and Product design.

From 7th to 9th of May, DSK Supinfocom will provide a glimpse of what the students go through in their 5 year curriculum starting from simple sketching, modelling and being creative at that, to be professionals who can make Animated films, Video Games and Product designs.

Art can be simultaneously defined as a concept, a skill, a process and a crafted, finite product. However, when applied to design, it no more remains an end in itself but serves as a means to another end. Art informs design in many ways. If design is an expression, art is the vocabulary, which guides that expression. And, building artistic vocabulary is an important component of design education at DSK Supinfocom.

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