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Survival Kit | France, Here I Come!

Are you travelling to France ? For higher studies, for a short period work assignment or for tourism.

You do not speak French yet and would like to start communicating in the local language in restaurants, supermarkets, be able to make a reservation, etc.

The French Survival Kit Course/ France, Here I Come! is designed for those with no prior knowledge of the language, starts in French from the first instant and is built around a story that involves the kinds of day to day activities

Dates  : 
1. 22 May to 2nd June
2. 19th to 30th June
3. 17th to 28th July 
Timings : 6.30 to 8.30pm
Mode : Offline|Online | Blended Learning Options.
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For more details, call/whatsapp on  8379090666 or 9823598538
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