French for Non Beginners

A1 NON BEGINNERS | Your express entry to A2

A1 Non Beginners is a  French course meant for those who have studied French in school or college or a very long time ago but are unable to communicate in the language or understand spoken French. This course will enable students to reach the A1 level in a very short time through 40 class sessions and 8 self learning revision modules provided through our digital platform to revise grammar and vocabulary. Class sessions will focus on application of basic grammar concepts to oral and written communication in French. Only eligible students will be accepted in this course. Meet our course counsellor online or at our office by prior appointment to determine your eligibility. Interested students are requested to mail us at [email protected] or call us on 8379090666 or 9823598538 for more information and admission.

Our next A1 non beginners session is scheduled from 30 Nov. 2022 | 4.15 pm – 6.15 pm (40 hour course)

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