Play: L’Amant / The Lover (by Marguerite Duras)

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Date(s) - 30/10/2018
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Mazda Hall


L’AMANT / THE LOVER (Marguerite Duras)
A theatrical adaptation 

by La Compagnie du Barrage
Interpretation by Maud Andrieux
Music Composition by Marco Gomes

Tuesday, 30th October, 7 PM
Mazda Hall, Dastur Primary School, Camp

Maud Andrieux, Director

“After listening to Duras by Maud Andrieux, we cannot imagine another voice for Duras” -Yves Kafka/ Inferno Magazine

Maud Andrieux graduated from Ateliers d’AixenProvence and from the National Conservatory of Bordeaux. She works with the famous directors, Alain Simon, Gilbert Tiberghien among others.After her first trip to Vietnam in 2003, she grew passionate about Marguerite Duras’ works. From 2005 she adapted her novels for theater. She directs them and plays them alone on stage in France and abroad: The Sea Wall, The Vice-consul, Memoir of Pain (Vietnam, Cambodia, Morocco, Turkey, Nepal, India) and she shares the life of an atypical woman and the commitment of Duras, with students from all over the world. In 2014, she was appointed as the Program Director for Theater Marguerite Duras TMD which hosts an exclusive programme Durassienne. Her approach to theatre emphasises on the text in an intimate relationship with the viewer.

Marco Gomes, Music Composition

For the project dedicated to Marguerite Duras, my thought is to offer a journey to the heat of the author’s writing. The idea is to create a poetic and profound ambiance, through the emotion of the words, silence and intuition. The electronic and organic sounds combined with the voice of the performer gives a contemporary and a timeless dimension to the language, to the phrase and to the extreme sensitivity of the works.

From 2000 to 2009, the composer Marco Gomes developed various projects for his music, mostly influenced by the electronic movement. He is the creator of the Southnoise Collection and the label ACME. He expresses his art and his views in various productions, remixes and does stage performances in France and abroad. He multiplies his collaborations by associating himself particularly with contemporary dance along with digital arts and audio visuals. With a desire to offer an emotionally rich experience, he continues to explore a certain transversality of genres by sublimating literary and theatrical works.

About Marguerite Duras

He was at the back of a big black car, parked along the wall of a warehouse at the port. Welldressed as always, in a tussor silk suit (costume). He lay in sleep. The same crowd, as always on the departure wharf of the passenger liners. The propellers start to turn. They grind, circulate on the water of the rivers. We are frightened. Constantly, at that moment we are scared; of everything; of never being able to see this ungrateful land again and to forget this monsoon sky.
Marguerite Duras
Image result for marguerite durasBorn on April 4, 1914 in Gia Dinh, a suburb of Saigon, in colonial French Indochina, she lived there until the age of 18 and completed her baccalaureat (diploma) in philosophy at Lycée Chasseloup Laubat. Her parents were teachers, employed by the Minister of Colonies. They had three children: Pierre, Paul and Marguerite. Her father, who repatriated to France, died when Marguerite was 7 years old. Her mother had bought a plot of land granted by the colonial administration, in the Mekong Delta. This uncultivable land which would constantly flood had a deep influence on her. She went on to write this story of heat and rainstorm, of alcohol and boredom, of speech and silence, and of the blazing desire.

What’s particularly interesting in the history of Duras is the reversal that takes place among the status of the respected French colonists. Duras’ father was present in Indochina, among those left behind, but after his death, they were put in the same rank as the natives of the Mekong delta. Their mother strived to build dams against the Pacific in order to make the lands cultivable; the lands she bought from her 20 years of saving. For years she had mobilized the farmers so that their children didn’t starve to death. My adaptation expresses the project of a lifetime, determined to fight against the injustice of the colonies. Duras, a teenager, also experiences love with a young Chinese boy. Inspired by the Indochinese set-up until the dwelling, it is truly an erotic and a sensual discovery filled with her lifelong experiences. The audience emerges into those colonies of France, travel to the very heart of the autobiography of Duras. They are truly fascinated by the overwhelming musicals of the text. – Maud Andrieux, Director

In association with the DGAF India/Nepal, the Compagnie du Barrage, the Théâtre Marguerite Duras Itinérant (TMD), Oman Air, and the Poona Music Society.