DELF DALF Sessions Calendar & Rates 2021



The following schedule is for the Delf Junior April 2021 session. 

DELF JUNIOR APRIL 2021 Session:            

Pre-registration from 6.00 pm on 17th March to 21st March via a google form. 

Registrations in person on 25th March at our offices in Patrakar Nagar






                                                                                                                       Publication of results: 24/05/2021

Important : 


Oral Exams may be held at any time, on the day of your written exam. Candidates are requested to keep the entire day free. No requests to reschedule the timing of the oral exam will be entertained under any circumstances.

Exact schedules will be put up on our website a week before the Delf-Dalf exam week. 

Candidates are requested to check the timetable for any updates the day before their exam.

DELF DALF Exam Rates 2021

Internal Candidates
External Candidates
DELF A1 5310 INR 8850 INR
DELF A1 5310 INR 8850 INR
DELF B1 5900 INR 10620 INR
DELF B2 5900 INR 10620 INR
DALF C1 8260 INR 11800 INR
DALF C2 8260 INR 11800 INR


  • Internal Candidate: on an exceptional basis, due to the pandemic, those students who have completed a course at Alliance française Pune or another Alliance française in India, in the period December 2019 to the present date will be considered as Internal students and can benefit from a preferential rate.
  • Students of other Alliance française in India will have to provide sufficient proof of courses attended in their home Af at the time of registration. In the absence of such proof, external candidate rates will be applied.
  • Please note that students who have attended workshops at any Af do not qualify as Internal Candidates.
  • The above tariffs are inclusive of GST @18% and are applicable from 1st January 2021 to 31st December 2021 for all the versions of the DELF ((TP, Junior, Pro, Prim) and DALF and are subject to revision following any modification in applicable taxes.
  • Only payments by credit card or debit card will be accepted.
  • Payment will only be accepted against submission of applicable documents and within the registrations dates and the appointment slot given to candidates. Kindly refer to the Registration procedure given on our website or contact our Front office for any further queries.
  • Fees are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to any other session.
  • Click here to go through the Rules & Regulations by the Embassy of France in India & the Alliance Française de Pune



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