Concours / Contest “Dis-moi dix mots”

The “Dis-moi dix mots” initiative is organised every year by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication on the occasion of the French language and Francophonie Week. It is a celebration of the richness and diversity of the French language and its capacity to incorporate words from many languages.

On this occasion, the Alliance Française Pune would like to encourage students learning French with us to express themselves in a fun, artistic or literary form. The theme this year is « Dis-moi dix mots : sous toutes les formes » (Tell me ten words : in all of its forms). The ten words selected for the 2019 ‘Dis moi Dix mots’, are arabesque, composer, coquille, cursif/-ive, gribouillis, logogramme, phylactère, rébus, signe, tracé.

You will find out more about their meanings, through various resources made available at the AF media library including an exhibition, booklets as well as videos for your perusal.

You can also consult the ‘Dis-moi dix mots’ official website :

As part of this initiative, we are organising two contests within the Alliance Française Pune  :


  1. Play with the French language : create a rebus!
  2. Design the cover of a book/video game/film


“Dis-moi dix mots” 2019 contest rules