Seminar on Economics of Heritage


at Hotel Le Meridien

A 2-day seminar to explore the interaction between the economic and cultural values of heritage
For details for participation, please contact: Ms Moe Chiba, Head and Programme Specialist for Culture, UNESCO New Delhi ( and Ms Asuka Ogawa (

Economic development and revitalization has been increasingly reliant on cultural heritage and cultural assets. Because of its economic values, cultural heritage has been used in many countries as a tool for economic development especially in the urban context. Hence, understanding the economic values of a cultural heritage is a crucial issue, despite the perception that market judgments would adversely affect heritage conservation activities. The economics of heritage is essential in the practical world of decision making especially with regard to the conservation of these heritage sites. The specific focus of this seminar is to bring together international and Indian experts in the field of heritage conservation, economics, and public administration, to provide an opportunity to discuss how heritage can be used as a resource for local development, how its values can be assessed, and to explore various approaches used to measure the cost benefits of heritage protection.

Drawing various examples both from India and abroad, the seminar will be structured around four thematically-focused sessions, followed by panel discussions and presentations by the local agencies:

  1.        Heritage Economics Studies: Where do we stand?  In India and  abroad?
  2.        Monuments, Sites, Landscapes, Museums: Good practices of management of an individual heritage institution
  3.        Financial Mechanism: Integrated heritage-based development
  4.        Heritage for Development: Broader impact of heritage assets, brands, image and territorial development

The seminar is scheduled to be held on 10-11 December in Pune.