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Prayatna – Film & Dance Festival
Prayatna – Film & Dance Festival is back with its 5th edition

Prayatna is an effort created by Hrishikesh Pawar to introduce people to the idea of dance as a form of serious expression. This year, the 5th edition of the festival, organized in collaboration with the Max Mueller Bhavan and Alliance Française Pune and supported by the National Film Archives of India, will be themed around the definition of ‘Power of Perception’ from 26th to 29th April. Dance is a medium to myriad expressions. It is very culture specific and yet universal.

Although dance forms are created within a particular cultural setting, they find relevance across other racial, linguistic and social contexts. This fundamental nature of dance makes it a perfect example of power of perception. The festival aims at encouraging the audience to view dance through mediums such as films and performances. It is an attempt to get people together to witness dance in an unconventional manner through a changed perspective. The four day festival promises to liberate its audience from restrictions of their daily routines and view life through a new lens of sense.

After spending 4 years in Germany and extensively travelling across Europe working with various dancers, Creative Director Hrishikesh Pawar came back to India with one motive in mind – to create a platform for contemporary dance. He observed here that the exposure to World dance and the number of opportunities were limited. Hence he came up with this effort of an annual festival that will connect the common audience to the forms across the globe. The effort was also to have a platform for dancers to come together, share and grow.

Schedule of the festival:

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