Illusion on Black Top


at Kala Chhaya

Street Art + Magic Show
3rd Oct, 6:30 pm at Kala Chhaya, Patrakar Nagar

“Illusion on Black Top” shows an ordinary couple transforming everyday life into crazy, funny or magical moments. Involving their audience and making child’s play of themselves, this pair delivers a nice lesson of magic: love. There’s a trick ! Interactive and funny family show, full of surprises. A treat for children and a delight for all.

With: Françoise and Renaud de Swetschin
A little history of Aristobulle

Founded in 1986 by Françoise and Renaud Swetschin, the “Aristobulle” Company endeavors to create a new theatrical genre mixing finesse, magic, and comedy. Aristobulle is trying to renew the art of magic, a different type of illusion, with the motto to take the game seriously without taking themselves seriously. Their aim is to be closer to the public either at the corner of a street or on stage, to generate something unusual, a treat for all.
Their creations have been appreciated by people of all ages around the world, from London to Singapore, in English, Italian or Spanish.

Their world is an invitation to interact, to play with sarcasm, transforming ordinary situations into extraordinary, where the public

becomes a partner.

A brief history of their journey:

* 1986: “The Magic Tree” show for kids

First prize at the International Theatre Festival for Children at Bordeaux in 1988.

* 1986 – 1987: Creation of a giant game of 8 km “Jéan Black Clover” (800 children).

* 1989: Creation of the “Magic Menu” for restaurants, festivals, business meals… new personalized and patented formula.

* 1991: Creation of “This is where Nowhere? “- for kids –

For this show, in 2003, Aristobulle received the first prize in the 8th Festival Citta ‘Di Aosta Enfanthéâtre “in Italy.

* 1994: “La rue des Illusions”, show for all

* 1995: Creation of “Illusion on Black Top” – a public show translated into English, Italian and Spanish.

* 1996 – 2012: Creation of magic workshop for children of 8 to 12 years.

In 2009, customized workshops for the School of Circus in Nouméa, New Caledonia.

* 1999: Acquisition of an industrial heritage building abandoned since 1984 in Ardèche called “The Snail”

* 2000: Creation of “The Coffee Illusion” – a public show translated into English, Italian and Spanish.

* 2003: Opening of their residence and theatre, “The Snail” 07200 – Vogue”

* 1999-2012: Advice on magical effects and external technical support from different companies. 2009: creating numerous illusions &

special effects for the Company Nez à Nez à Nouméa, New Caledonia.

* 2011: Creation of “24 hours earlier” show for all, translated into English, Italian and Spanish.