at Shantaram Pond, FTII
Electro Acoustic + Video-Light show

6.30 pm – 8.30 pm
The French Electro Acoustic band accompanied with a Light & video show, called “FLY!” is composed of 3 members – Laurent de Wilde, Otisto 23 and Nico Ticot : Laurent produces sounds on his instrument, a grand piano, but also strings, felt, wood, metal, anything that scratches, rubs, slaps, that Otisto saves in his computer on the fly then loop, trafficking and uses before returning to Laurent, who responds with new sounds, and so on, building the music moving forward. Nico, uses the music created by these artists to translate it into video, which is then projected on translucent curtains that surround the musicians.

Here is a small preview of the world of FLY!