DELF Tous Publics (adults) and DALF

DELF / DALF Tous Publics is designed for adults who wish or need to receive
official certification of their French second language proficiency.

SESSION 1 : From 8th – 14th March 2016:
(Registration from 12th to 26th February 2016)

DELF A1 Tuesday, March 8th
DELF A2 Wednesday, March 9th
DELF B1Thursday, March 10th
DELF B2 Friday, March 11th
DALF C1 Saturday, March 12th
DALF C2 Monday, March 14th

SESSION 2 : From 6th – 11th June 2016:
(Registration  from 6th – 20th May 2016)

DELF A1 Monday, June 6th
DELF A2 Tuesday, June 7th
DELF B1 Wednesday, June 8th
DELF B2 Thursday, June 9th
DALF C1 Friday, June 10th
DALF C2 Saturday, June 11th

SESSION 3 : From 19th – 24th September 2016:
(Registration  from 19th August – 2nd September 2016)

DELF A1 Monday, September 19th
DELF A2 Tuesday, September 20th
DELF B1 Wednesday, September 21st
DELF B2 Thursday, September 22nd
DALF C1 Friday, September 23rd
DALF C2 Saturday, September 24th

SESSION 4 : From 5th – 10th December 2016:
(Registration from 4th – 18th November 2016)

DELF A1 Monday, December 5th
DELF A2 Tuesday, December 6th
DELF B1 Wednesday, December 7th
DELF B2 Thursday, December 8th
DALF C1 Friday, December 9th
DALF C2 Saturday, December 10th