Bistro Français


at Hyatt Regency Pune
French Food Festival

French Food Festival

24-27 January, 2013 – Hyatt Regency PuneThe « French bistro » is an original and inimitable concept. Both chic and informal, it is a typical feature of Parisian life. More than just a simple meal, it is a show: a burst of voices can be heard, waiters run everywhere, a glass clinks against the zinc counter, pitchers are refilled, cheese is brought out, there’s laughter and the world is set right over a few drinks!

For the « Bonjour India » festival, from 24th Jan. to 27th Jan., Frenchman Stéphane Mathonneau, chef at Naïna de Bois-Juzan’s upcoming bistro in New Delhi “Le Bistro du Parc”, will collaborate with chef Manav of Hyatt Regency Pune. They will present a varied menu to the guests, showcasing different facets of French cuisine and initiating them into an unsuspecting richness. The ambiance of a bistro and the highest quality gastronomy, created with fresh and simple ingredients used exactingly, are what will make you fall for the charms of this « bistronomy ».

Photos and Press articles of the event are available here.